Every person, every organization has a supreme ideal. A deep hidden desire, a great ambition, a wonderful dream. That which makes the heart beat faster, is what drives humans. The clearer the desire, ambition or dream the more targeted we are as human beings, as well as organization and the greater the chance of success.

Patience foundation stands for sustainable motivating and connecting people from different groups and organizations by organizing projects, workshops and social activities in the social and business area. We do not only want to help people and organizations finding their purpose and passion, but also want to contribute to fulfillment, assurance within the organization, within their business and also within themself.

Stg.Patience helps Minima

Patience Foundation has been doing a lot for others, but also for people that cannot make it in the everyday life, that is why they are prepared to help them. They have also donated food and toys to families in the minima.nl organization in Holland. How nice is it that you can also give the children something beautiful in a package and create a smile on their face.

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