Family Negrea

    The family Negrea consists of five people: father and mother, together with three children Bernice (8), Teofil (6) and Otniel (4). Father has no job at the moment, but tries to earn money as a taxi driver to support his family. Mother stays home with the kids.

In association with Child in Eastern Europe Foundation we currently support two families in Romania. Through donations, we monthly send a financial contribution, clothing and other items to the families.

Aid to Orphanage Kofi Bempa

Kofi Bempa Orphanage in the village ISSUOWIN, close to Kumassi, currently has 15 children and the orphanage is under construction. The children are currently at designated families. Also in the village they are trying to put up a chicken farm in regulating the supply of eggs for their own use and sale in the area.